Directory of Lawn and Garden Equipment
Who's making what.

Bad Boy Mowers: A Young Small Company building Zero Turn Mowers. Quality and Tough looking.

Big Dog Mowers: A New Brand for an old Reliable Manufactuer, Excel Industries which brought us the Original Zero Turn Mower. They currently also manufacturer and market the Hustler Mowers.

Everride: Manufactured by Alburn Consolidated in Nebraska. Primiarly Fast and Large Volume Mowing decks on their Zero Turn Mowers for increased Producitivity. Seven Gauge Steel decks made from R50 Steel which is 33% stronger than other competitors. Now Owned by the Ariens Family and now sold under the Gravely Name. Everride Brand Name will be discontinued.

Exmark:  A Toro Company that builds commercial equipment marketed to Landscapers

Gravely: An Ariens Company that's been around since 1916. Manufacturing plants in Brillion Wisconsin, Alburn Nebraska and Alabama.

John Deere: After years of dominating the lawn and garden tractor market they are now building Zero Turn Mowers for the homeowner as well as the commercial market.

Land Pride: A young but focused Company that ventured into the Zero Turn Market with a machine built for them by Hustler, however now they are manufacturing their mowers in their own plants. They knew what the competition was doing so they raised the bar with comfortable seats and a floating front axle to make it a luxury ride.

Scag:  A Metalcraft Company marketing a commercial mower to Landscapers.

Snapper: Marketing brands Snapper to the homeowner and Snapper Pro to the Landscape Contractors. THis brand has roots in the South in Georgia but now is built in different plant throughout the U.S. Purchased by Simplicity Mfg which is now owned by Briggs & Stratton.

Toro: A company that has what seems like forever building Commercial mowing equipment for Golf Courses as well as Landscapers and Homeowners. Dependable, Dependable and Dependable.

Walker Mowers: A manufacturer building mowers for a niche market and they have been successful doing so. Front Deck Mowers that usually feature a grass collection system mounted on the back.