Holland Grill Frequently Asked Questions
Holland Grill Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
We have organized the most frequently asked questions into common categories. Click on any of the following links to see the related questions and corresponding answers. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What's the proper procedure for turning my Holland Grill On/Off?
The Holland Grill is equipped with a QCC-1 flow-limiting connector. If this grill is not lit and turned off properly, the grill may not heat correctly. Following the steps below should always keep the grill heating properly. Use common sense and proper safety precautions when working with gas. Refer to owner's manual for details.

STEP 1--Always, ALWAYS open the grill lid all the way open to light. ALWAYS!

STEP 2-- Turn the LP tank knob all the way to the OPEN position.

STEP 3--Turn the grill on/off knob all the way ON and turn the igniter knob several times (in the direction of the arrow only) at the same time. If the burner does not ignite, turn off gas and wait five minutes and try again.

STEP 4-Make sure the flame is lit before you close the lid and walk away by looking in the "peep hole" just above the on/off knob. ALWAYS MAKE SURE FLAME IS LIT BEFORE YOU CLOSE THE LID AND WALK AWAY. (Can I make that any clearer?)
If grill does not ignite, refer to STEP 3. When flame is lit, close lid and preheat at least 20 minutes before putting food on.

To turn the grill OFF properly, do the following:
1) Raise Lid
2) Turn grill on/off knob all the way to the OFF position
3) Close valve on LP tank all the way to the off or CLOSED position
4) Close lid and go eat. DO NOT LEAVE TANK ON OR CLOSE IT FIRST. YOU MUST TURN OFF THE GRILL FIRST AND THEN THE TANK IN THAT ORDER. (See owner's manual for more details.)

I've assembled my new Holland grill and the grill lid does not match the grill bottom.
Occasionally a grill lid or bottom will become warped during shipping. An easy be fixed with a bar clamp and tape measure. When properly aligned, the grill top and bottom will measure 32-5/16" or both measuring equally diagonally. Squeeze the two corners with the longest dimension until you reach the desired position. Use small blocks of wood to protect the finish of the grill.

One side of my grill seems to be hotter than the other side, the food cooks unevenly.
Your Holland grill has been designed to distribute the heat evenly over the entire cooking surface. Here is a list of a few things to check: 1) verify that the L.P. tank is not empty or very low 2) verify that an even flame is coming from the burner, have insects obstructed any of the burner holes? 3) clean the drip pan and cooking surface, excessive amounts of drippings will hinder the distribution of the heat 4) make sure that your grill is level 5) avoid putting your grill in direct wind, excessive wind or cold may affect grilling times

Once my grill has been assembled, how do I adjust the flame properly.
Adjusting the flame is a simple process that should only need to be done once. However, it is a good idea to check it periodically to ensure proper heating temperatures and efficient gas usage. After the burner has been lit, Use a 5/8" wrench to loosen the lock nut that secures the air shutter and bug screen. Rotate the air shutter slowly and notice how the flame reacts. At one extreme, the flame is small and makes a hissing noise. You are looking for that point in the other direction where the flame is mostly blue and has a few periodic yellow tips. When you are satisfied, use the 5/8" wrench and secure the position of the air shutter valve with the lock nut.

My L.P. tank is full and the burner lights, but the flame is very small and the grill does not reach proper cooking temperature.
The QCC safety valve has been triggered. This may happen when the proper grill lighting sequence is not followed. When the burner valve has been turned on before the L.P. tank valve has been opened, the safety device limits the flow of gas to avoid an accident. Simply reset the QCC safety valve by turning off the burner valve, closing the L.P. tank valve and disconnecting the QCC valve from the L.P. tank. Reconnect, and light following the correct lighting procedure. 1) open the grill lid 2) open L.P tank valve very slowly 3) place flame next to burner 4) open the burner valve. 5) When turning the grill off, it is very important to close the grill valve first and then the tank valve.